Prior to having my NDE at the age of six, I had already been talking about living in the world prior with a different body.  The first memories came to me in nightmares I had as a child. I was constantly looking for answers to where and why these 'memories' came to me in dreams.

Personal Experiences

ReincarnationI found opposition to my claims of living in the world before my physical body was born.  My parents were mystified by these claims.  My family started taking the claims seriously when I turned 12 years old. 

I had an experience in a martial arts class and my instructor became convinced of the idea that I was a reincarnated warrior from a past life and that skills from combat had passed into this life with me. 

Also at the age of 12, I met a young classmate and discovered that we shared the same memories of living in a different life together.   Of course the idea of this became very controversial due to religious beliefs among the culture and society. 

I learned to keep the subject to myself, just as I had learned to keep my testimony of the afterlife experiences to myself. 

After my afterlife experience in 1978, I buried all my memories of past lives to focus on the current life.  The subject came up again and again and I found myself at odds in my own adult beliefs. 

I was living in a culture that didn't believe in the subject matter.  I had experiences with other people that convinced my adult mind there was a spiritual truth to the idea and subject of reincarnation. 

In this section of my web site, I share the stories of my personal experiences as a testament for those looking to believe in spirit.